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Fine Lines Solar Projects in Alpine, Texas

All of our Alpine, Texas solar projects to date have been grid-tied systems, some with battery backup, allowing our customers to sell back their unused power to the electrical provider. All of the systems below also received rebates from AEP's solar rebate program.

These systems are internet-monitored. We and the client can pull up the system at any time on a smart phone or computer to confirm that it is operating properly and determine the total energy output.

Every installation is different, and we tailor the equipment selected for the specifics of the site and the client's preferences.

We begin by estimating the average monthly electricity usage for the property and design the system to provide as much of that target amount as the site and the budget will allow.

PV Installation near Alpine Texas

Alpine Project 1

The client for this Alpine project had done significant research on their own and knew exactly what they wanted. The 7.68kw system was installed on a flat-roofed garage.

Enphase microinverters were used. Inverters are needed to convert the DC current provided by the PV modules to the AC current needed by the electric service. The microinverters work on a module by module basis, which makes the system more resilient and can also help with shading issues.

Everest roof mounted racking was installed to the standing seam roof using S-5 clamps, which do not pierce the roof surface.

PV Installation near Alpine Texas

Alpine Project 2

The roof at this Alpine property was not suitable for a solar installation, but the owner did have an out of the way area 50-60 feet from the house where a 6.51kw ground mounted system could be installed. A trench was dug to protect the electric and internet cables. Ground-mounted systems can be installed up to 150 feet away from the main building(s) served by the system. This system also used Enphase microinverters and a Solar Mounts ground mount racking with concrete ballast to stabilize the installation in high winds.

PV Installation near Alpine Texas

Alpine Project 3

This 5.52kw system was installed on a high second-floor roof in Alpine, and there was concern about high winds. Accordingly, we used a special low-profile mounting without rails, attaching the modules directly to S-5 clamps, chosen so as not to pierce the standing seam roof. A Solar Edge 3800 HD Wave inverter was used with power optimizers, which maximize the output of each module while also maintaining a safe DC voltage level during system maintenance.


1422 Spring Creek
Alpine, Texas 79830