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PV Installation
3.7 KW ground mount system south of Alpine.

What can we do for you?

ADVISE you on the best and most cost-effective solar options for your project.

  • On the Grid
    We can set up net metering through different providers to sell your excess power generation.
  • Keeping a Budget
    We can also help you keep the cost of solar under control by identifying the rebates and tax incentives that are available to our area.

DESIGN a custom solar power system appropriate to your needs.

Our extensive training from Solar Energy International (solarenergy.org) and New Mexico State University keeps us up to date on the latest technologies and innovations. We'll put the industry's best practices to work for you.

INSTALL your system from start to finish.

With 30 years of construction experience (15 of them in Far West Texas), we understand the process and the realities of building in our region and we can make solar a seamless part of your construction project.

PV Installation

Call us at (432)386-8100 or e-mail finelines@bigbend.net to discuss any solar energy project, including:

INTEGRATE solar into your plans

For a new home we can work with your architect or builder to integrate solar power as part of your home or any other building. Solar is easiest and most affordable when financed as part of your overall construction budget.

Existing homes
We can custom-design attractive and efficient solar installations as part of a renovation project, or on its own.

Special off grid or Ranch applications
We can provide an extensive range of off-grid applications, providing power for homes, buildings, wells, gates, and more.

Take a look at some of our previous projects:


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