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Fine Lines Solar Projects in Fort Davis, Texas

This solar installation in Fort Davis, Texas, like almost all of the systems we build, is tied to the electrical grid. This enable the client to sell the unused power they generate back to the electrical provider. This project also took advantage of AEP's solar rebate program to offset some of the cost of the installation.

Also like all of our other systems, this one has a constant connection to the internet, allowing us and the client to monitor the status of each module in the array and track to the total power output of the system using a smart phone or computer.

We design every system according to the specific needs of the client and conditions of the site. The average monthly electrical usage is analyzed, and the system is designed to provide as much of that target amount as possible given the roof or ground space available and the client's budget.

PV Installation near Fort Davis Texas

This 3.6kw system in Fort Davis was installed on a carport 20 feet from the main house. Fort Davis is an unincorporated community, so no permit process was required. The system uses LG modules. Each LG module has its own built-in microinverter switching the DC current generated by the module to an AC current compatible with the house's electrical service. While the LG modules are more expensive than some others on the market, they were selected in order to provide the maximum power output for the small roof area provided by the carport.


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