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Fine Lines Solar Projects in Presidio, Texas

The majority of our solar installations have been done in Presidio, Texas. All of them are grid-tied, with a connection to the electrical utility that enables the client to sell any unused power back top their electrical provider. AEP offers a solar rebate program that can help pay for the systems, and most of our Presidio clients have been able to take advantage of it.

A constant internet connection allows remote monitoring of the systems, showing the performance of each module as wells the total power output. We or the client can log in with a smart phone or computer to view the system, status at any time.

We design each installation to fit the exact situation of the client and the property. Our first step is to calculate an average monthly energy requirement for the building. Then the final size of the system is determined from the available roof or ground area as well as the client’s budget.

PV Installation near Presidio Texas

Presidio Project 1

Presidio is very hot in the summers, so air conditioning is a strong consideration and carries a heavy energy load. All of these Presidio systems are fairly large for this reason.

The roof of this home was not well situated or large enough for solar, so a ground-mounted approach was selected for this 9.45kw system. We used a Patriot mountains system with custom-poured concrete blocks offering ballast during high winds.

A Solar Edge inverter handles the conversion of the DC current provided by the solar modules into the AC current required by the electrical service at the house. There was some shade on the site, so we also used power optimizers to even out the voltage flow through the system.

PV Installation near Presidio Texas

Presidio Project 2

The main house roof at tis site was also too small to generate enough power for their electrical needs, so a new carport was built for the purpose of installing this 8.85kw roof system. Enphase microinverters handled the conversion to AC. Instead of a single inverter for the entire system, each module has its own microinverter, adding resiliency to the system in the case of one module failing or being shaded out.

PV Installation near Presidio Texas

Presidio Project 3

This 9.45kw system was placed out of sight of the house. A flat area a distance from the house was large enough to do a ground installation, and with a low-profile mounting system, we were able to keep it hidden from view. Ballast to protect the system from high winds was provided by standard sized concrete blocks. This system also used Enphase micro inverters to provide the necessary AC current.


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