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Fine Lines Solar Projects in Saragosa, Texas

The vast majority of our solar systems, including this one in Saragosa (near Balmorhea and Toyahvale), are grid-tied, providing a connection to your electrical provider so that any unused power that the system generates can be sold back to the provider. AEP offers a limited solar rebate program that can help to offset the installation cost.

All of our solar systems are internet-connected, providing constant monitoring so that we and the client can check the system's status and power output at any time using a smart phone or computer.

Each system is tailored to the exact needs, preferences and situation of the client and their property. We begin by calculating the average monthly electrical usage and then design the system accounting for the roof size or available ground space and the client's budget.

PV Installation near Saragosa Texas

Saragosa Project

The roof of this two-story house in Saragosa was not suitable for a solar array, so the system was installed on a ground site nearby, 50-60 feet from the house, with the electrical and internet cables trenched to run below ground.

The 5.6kw system output fulfilled approximately half of the electrical needs of the building, limited by available space and budget.

Solar World modules were used with a Fronius Primo string inverter, the most cost-effective choices available at the time.

The system was installed using a Patriot ground mount system, with concrete blocks formed and custom poured to provide ballast against winds.


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