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Fine Lines Solar Projects in Valentine, Texas

This small 1.8kw solar project in Valentine, Texas is completely self-contained and off-grid with battery storage. The cabin served by the system is on a remote ranch property without access to any other electrical service.

PV Installation near Valentine Texas

The vast majority of our solar installations are grid-tied, with a connection to the electrical provider allowing the client to sell back any unused power generated by the system as well as internet monitoring of the system status and power output. This system, while it does not offer the connection features, provides electrical power for this very remote site not otherwise served by any utilities.

We design every solar system to the specific needs of the client and the conditions of the site, beginning with a determination of the average power usage. This installation serves a small hunter's cabin with very low power requirements. We selected and economical pre-designed package kit with Canadian Solar modules a Magnum inverter, Midnite Solar charge controller and a combiner box with Fullriver AGM batteries.


1422 Spring Creek
Alpine, Texas 79830